My Great Grandmother’s Ring

My great grandmother marked her 100th birthday last month in a convalescence home required to watch her 24/7. One afternoon, a nursing staff person came into her room and said, “Mam, oh Mam, let me see that ring on your finger?” The nursing assistant pinched the 1920’s diamond engagement ring from her left index finger. “Ooh, that looks dirty. You know what? I’ll have it cleaned and polished for you.”

That was probably the last time she would see her favorite ring. My great grandmother is nearly deaf and almost blind, so she didn’t see or know the name of the assistant who removed it from her finger. She felt so betrayed. The nursing staff did not believe her story until she had to tell the police. In just days, she became so depressed and cried about her stolen ring. She thought it was gone forever.

The very good news is that local pawnshops are required to photograph incoming jewelry and scan the driver’s license of those who seek cash for jewels. There was no exception for my great grandmother’s ring. The woman who pawned the ring also worked at the nursing home. She was fired from her job and arrested for theft. My Grandmother got her ring back on her finger that day! The criminal case against the nursing assistant is pending in our court system.

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  1. Oh my! I’m so glad this story had a good ending! How can anyone be so cruel! 100 years old!!!!! 🙂 Do you visit your grandmother often?

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