Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint a word used to describe the traces or “footprints” that people leave online….

There is a lot of ways to make a digital foot print, though not as many to stop them. Nowadays  we have twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. To connect with anyone in the world. You can quickly make an account anywhere though, when you make one account that account can be broadcasted everywhere. Most people don’t care about their digital footprint, and  frankly I don’t blame them, it doesn’t look like a danger at all. But, when ever you do anything on the internet it can be traced. I know this sounds cheesy but it can catch up to you. Any thing you do someone can follow you. You age, but the internet doesn’t, so next time you post something think about it.  Your digital footprint will be around a lot longer than you will be.

“You are what you share.” C.W Leadbeater

Best Season to visit Texas? ANY and ALL!

Come visit Texas!  You can come visit any season and find something amazing to do!  Here are the best ideas that I can personally recommend:

Fall:  we have such a mild weather, imagine warm summer weather with a cool, gentle breeze.  It’s the time of year to saddle up for the State Fair of Texas in Dallas!  The State Fair of Texas has carnival rides, farm animals, and seriously, any deep fried food you can think of:  fried corny dogs, fried marshmallows, or fried chicken fried meatloaf are popular. It’s not called the “Fried Food Capital of Texas®” for nothing.  During the State Fair, you can also see the annual Red River Rivalry football game, UT vs. Oklahoma.  Later in the month, head to Austin.  One of the best music festivals in the country is ACL (Austin City Limits).  Bring your lawn chair to park in a the grass and listen to hundreds of live bands from around the world play for thousands of fans.    

Winter:  Cool temperatures, but rarely freezing (except this year :), you can celebrate the holiday season with several winter-themed events.   The Festival of Lights is a mile-long outdoor light displays and a 155 foot Christmas tree in the middle of the park.  If you want to stay fit, try one of the many Jingle Bell 5k runs every December.  A local Austin favorite is the Nutcracker Spectacular at Westlake High school.  It is a ballet and rock concert that gets bigger and better every year.

Spring:  It’s hoppin’ in Texas.  Hit a technology/music fest, see wildflowers in bloom, and enjoy small town fun.  South by South West is a funky music festival in Austin that now includes several days where companies launch new cool tech toys.  Every street, parking lot, and restaurant has some form of live music.  The Texas Blue Bonnets are in *BLUEoom* and cover many grassy, open spaces around Texas.  The Strawberry Festival is in the town of Poteet, Texas.  It’s a carnival, plus art show,  part rodeo, and a parade that also includes the “Taste of Texas” food event.

Summer:  the hottest time in Texas!  Join a monster motorcycle event, splash into coastal towns, and cruise the rivers of Texas.  The Republic of Texas (ROT) biker rally happens in June each year bringing lots of Harley Davidsons and motorcyclists from around the county to ride and show off their shiny stuff.  Cruise down to the coast, either South Padre or Galveston, to enjoy sandy beaches and easy gulf waves.  If you don’t want oceans, there is also river tubing in San Marcos.  Tubing is when you sit in a large inner tube and gently glide the river to watch the scenery float by on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

So, when do you want to come enjoy ANY or ALL the seasons in Texas?

texas collage  photo collage credit: Susan Russell