Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint a word used to describe the traces or “footprints” that people leave online….

There is a lot of ways to make a digital foot print, though not as many to stop them. Nowadays  we have twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. To connect with anyone in the world. You can quickly make an account anywhere though, when you make one account that account can be broadcasted everywhere. Most people don’t care about their digital footprint, and  frankly I don’t blame them, it doesn’t look like a danger at all. But, when ever you do anything on the internet it can be traced. I know this sounds cheesy but it can catch up to you. Any thing you do someone can follow you. You age, but the internet doesn’t, so next time you post something think about it.  Your digital footprint will be around a lot longer than you will be.

“You are what you share.” C.W Leadbeater

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