My Favorite Toy (Movie)

When I was about four, I loved cartoon movies.  I grew attached to a certain horse in a cartoon-movie, called Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Filled with sappy Bryan Adams songs it was a wild-west horse story.  Over and over again, I always asked for this movie.  My parents begged me to watch anything but Spirit.  I watched this movie so many times, I just loved Spirit.  I can’t believe my parents even put up with me.

On Christmas day, when I saw the stuffed animal version of Spirit the horse, large and cuddly and bigger than me, he became my favorite toy instantly.  Spirit, the horse!  I had never met a real horse, but somehow, I connected with this stuffed animal and he became my favorite toy.  I kept Spirit on my bed for many years.  For my 5th birthday, I had a horse party.  I had Spirit on my mind.  Weird.


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  1. I never watched this movie but now I want to! I absolutely LOVED stuffed animals when I was little. I had 5 whole shelves in my room filled with them– so I can connect with you there.

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