Say Good bye to the Paw Prints

Sixth grade is all about the late slips and the paw prints.  Seventh grade about getting it done in the time you have and no one cares about the paw prints.  Those green “buddy bucks” may help 6th graders learn how to behave in middle school, but 7th grade students (like me) don’t really care.

Flashback!  There used to be these huge, painted wildcat prints in the parking lot leading into the school.  I loved them!  I’m not sure when, but sometime in 6th grade those paw prints disappeared.   It was like elementary school *gone* and you must start stuDYING.  If you had problems getting it done in time when you were in 6th, well, no one cares if you don’t turn it in on-time in 7th grade, but enjoy that zero averaged into your grade.  Whoops!  No paw print for you! 

The wildcat paw prints disappearing from the parking lot WAS A SIGN.  Fun times are over.  I don’t remember having to study that hard in 6th grade.  Tip for the next 7th graders: say hello to the reality of having to work hard for your grades and say good bye to the paw prints.  

Changing My (blurry) Vision

Not that blurry, really?  What?  Oh, yeah, I do SEE some sort of flags in the distance…

For the past year or so, I have been wearing glasses *sometimes.*  I got some glasses in the Summer and they really helped, but who cares be beyond what you can see?   I wasn’t really struggling with why I should wear my glasses in school.  I did find that they are hard to keep on my face.

You don’t really know the struggles of not being able to see until you don’t.

What I did find is my glasses weren’t very useful when they weren’t on me. Then, okay, it was almost a year.  My Mom took me for a new eye exam.  My vision got worse so I got contacts. What?  Are you kidding me?  A person can see WITHOUT GLASSES?

For the first time in a long time, I was like WOW!  Trees have leaves!