Elf On the Shelf

The “Elf on the Shelf”, named Flē, no longer “works” at our house. His days of spying on us are over. According to the “legend” and a children’s book from 2005, one of Santa’s elves will come to your home, get named by you, and will report back to Santa on how naughty or nice you’ve been. Flē was about 7 inches tall, skinny, with eyes that were always looking sideways.

We named our elf “Flē,” because it’s “elf” spelled backwards. So clever! Each night, Flē, came up with places to hide in our house and did silly things. We found him drinking egg nog in the fridge,and he hid in our shoes sometimes.

Apparently, Flē was living too close to the edge — of the shelf. He was found mauled by our dog, Ivey. His left arm was chewed off at the elbow and his insides spilled out onto the rug. It was sad, a but fitting ending. His name was FLEE, and he needed to do just that.

I Am From

I am from
I am from the crowded pantry
From Captain Crunch and Blue Bell
I am from the pink bricks my mom will always hate
The sweet smell of cake baking
I am from the honey suckle covering the black fence
The Ash tree, not the biggest but the first to bloom in the spring
I’m from movie night and soda Friday
From Jill and David
I’m from sports and jerky making
and from pillow fights
I’m from “suck it up” and “you blew it bubsie”
And “just do it”
I’m from egg pie
I’m from Plano and Virginia
Spaghetti and ribs
From when my mom broke her arm
By falling off a slide
Old dusty photos
Scattered under the coffee table
Ready to be relived again

My Great Grandmother’s Ring

My great grandmother marked her 100th birthday last month in a convalescence home required to watch her 24/7. One afternoon, a nursing staff person came into her room and said, “Mam, oh Mam, let me see that ring on your finger?” The nursing assistant pinched the 1920’s diamond engagement ring from her left index finger. “Ooh, that looks dirty. You know what? I’ll have it cleaned and polished for you.”

That was probably the last time she would see her favorite ring. My great grandmother is nearly deaf and almost blind, so she didn’t see or know the name of the assistant who removed it from her finger. She felt so betrayed. The nursing staff did not believe her story until she had to tell the police. In just days, she became so depressed and cried about her stolen ring. She thought it was gone forever.

The very good news is that local pawnshops are required to photograph incoming jewelry and scan the driver’s license of those who seek cash for jewels. There was no exception for my great grandmother’s ring. The woman who pawned the ring also worked at the nursing home. She was fired from her job and arrested for theft. My Grandmother got her ring back on her finger that day! The criminal case against the nursing assistant is pending in our court system.

Six Flags

I went to Six Flags over the summer, and it was amazing. However it didn’t get off to a good start.The car ride was hot, stuffy and very boring, and with a little brother in the mix it made the experience ten times worse.Traffic was terrible, and every one was on edge.

When we finally got to six flags it felt like the line was a half of a mile long and getting longer, we were to the breaking point. After forty-five minuets we got into Six Flags.We were ravished after the car ride so we got five too-salty pretzels and five hot-dogs . Gobbling them down in no time Flat.We first went on the road roadrunner, a rickety,rusty ride were it looked like it barley past the safety code.I closed my eyes the whole time to scared to open them, my stomach in my throat .When the ride stopped I looked at my hands and saw there was rust coming of the bars and onto my hands, that freaked me out and I quickly got off the ride.Though after that every thing was great all the rides were fun. We stayed until 10:00 and went home it was a rough start but, it was fun in the end.
Paradise Pier
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Justin Brown via Compfight