After the Rain Comes Mud

After the rains last week, our dog walking trails turned into streams of muddy muck. I started the hike with my dogs and within about fifty feet, the muck glued to my sneakers in grayish, brownish slimed clumps. I sighed. Had I only I listened to my mom’s advice and worn boots. Nope, like always, I went out the door without a second thought. My (formerly) neon sneakers quickly became the same color as the mucky trail, so I took a break at a bench to see if I could clear off the first layer of gook. Unfortunately, the muck was totally embedded in my treads and creeped around my shoe to the top laces. The dogs were thrilled to have muddy paws and seemed to seek out the puddles. I decided to tip-toe the rest of the way home and hide my shoes from my Mom. She still hasn’t seen them.