My stomach grumbles, my mom was right when she said not to skip breakfast. breakfast really is exceptional.

Without breakfast you wouldn’t make it to lunch. It is the starting point of your day, breakfast provides the nutrient and energy to get you through the day. For example, last time I went without breakfast-big mistake-I had trouble focusing and was very groggy. Let’s just say everyone avoided me until AFTER lunch. Breakfast is excellent because it gives you a jump start for your day.

Furthermore, it IS great that breakfast gives you nutrients and energy, but it also creates so many ways to be creative with the different styles to prepare food. For instance, there are so many different breakfast food restaurants around Austin, there are a lot of ways to try new foods. Also there are a bunch of cooking classes out there -I really need to go to one- to learn more about food. Breakfast is a creative way to learn about cookery.

Breakfast is great that it can help you in countless ways. Even the most ordinary things CAN make a difference. Breakfast might not be the most grand thing in the world but it still is EGGcelent.

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