Thoughts on Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics — Sochi, Russia

Bienvenue! Welcome! Добро пожаловать (welcome in Russian)!

Once every four years, athletes from around the entire world compete in the Winter Olympics!

Tonight, let me provide a brief narrative about the 2014 “Opening Ceremonies.” As the camera moved from sportscaster Bob Costas (who had a very ugly eye infection), please allow me to provide “color commentary:”

The beginning ceremony was beautiful. A 12-year old with the kite did a great job. She flew though the air like she was floating towards something. It must of took a lot of practice to perform this plus they said she was fearless and she had broken her arm in rehearsal! I give this girl a lot of credit to be tied to a wire flying over a football field on international TV. Would you would have to have nerves of steal? One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was how the floor of the stadium changed into fog and different sceneries from Russia floated across the stadium. After this performance, I was sad that out of the five floating snowflakes, only four were able to turn into the Olympic rings.

Several of the countries participating in the Olympics had fashion statements. Here are my thoughts on a few of the countries that had interesting opening ceremony outfits:

Overall, the best outfits were from the host country’s “walkers.” I’m talking about people who held a double-glass sign for the country as they walked through the stadium. Each of the walkers had amazing snowflake head-piece that was two feet tall, fancy white boots, and two clear floating signs for each country. Winner! Other standouts:

Britain: Dark blue puffy jackets. Nothing interesting.
Ireland: Great use of dark green; not shamrock green, but nice use of green
Canada: Best use of MITTENS! Beautiful red and white mittens!
France: What happened? Military uniforms?
Germany: Most colorful jackets, pants and great look with the flag.
Mexico: Your tuxedo jackets look great! My dad says you look like bull fighters!
USA: Hip and colorful, unique, looks great from both the back and the front.

Olympic Rings

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics — Sochi, Russia

  1. I have not seen the opening to the Olympics myself. You did such a great job describing it, this is why I now want to watch it!
    First of all, I love the way you described the girl with the kite. I had no idea that anything like this had happened. And the fact she had broke her arm, and STILL decided to perform is so amazing.
    Also I thought it was so funny the way you commented on the countries fashion! How the U.S. Was fun, and hip. And how Mexico looked like bull fighters!
    If I hadn’t have seen this post I probably would have never even thought of watching it, but now I’m anxious to search it up on YouTube!

  2. Hello! My name is Dia from, and I really like the Olympics. I think it takes extreme ability to even qualify to be in the Olympics. Many of the athletes who participate have been training for years. They dedicate their lives to doing these amazing sports. While watching the Olympics this year, I always think that what an athlete does is really cool. I think to myself,”Whoa! That was incredible! That will get them tons of points! They’ll win for sure!”. Then, over the loud speaker, the announcer says,” What another devastating mistake! That will cost them a lot of points!”. I hear that and watch the athlete do a triple spin on a snowboard or on ice skates, and I watch as they leave the course or rink disappointed in themselves. Immediately, I feel really bad for the person because they trained for so long, only to fail. Although, I think that once you make it to the Olympics, you have to set really high standards. My favorite costumes were the Russians’ costumes. They were really unique. In school, I read that all the USA outfits were made in the US by 40 different designers., including Ralph Lauren. This year, I also learned that over 50 billion dollars were spent on the Sochi Olympics. That means this year’s Olympics cost more than any other Olympics in history. I do not think I could even make it to the Olympics. Do you think you could? DIA

    • I loved the Olympics, it was a lot of fun to watch! If I would be a part of the olympics I know right off the back that I would not be apart of the WINTER Olympics, just because I have only went skiing once in my life and it was not pretty. Though, I believe if I really wanted to be apart of the Olympics I could do it. I think that if you work hard enough and put a lot of effort you can do anything!

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